When you list your house with the Tammy Sells The ATL Team, you are going to be absolutely amazed at the impeccable service you receive as well as the attention to every detail. Our team has a system that has worked for years and that guarantees your home is marketed, serviced and you’re communicated with regularly.  We are a real estate team that prides ourselves on making sure you’re involved and knows what is happening each step of the transaction. Our goal is to conduct ourselves in a manner that will make you want us to be your Realtors for life and refer your friends and family to us as well. Customer service and satisfaction is our priority.  Sounds too good to be true? Read what others say about us and our commitment to excellence.  

Services We Offer

  • Comcast Concierge- What's the worst part about moving? Dealing with Comcast! But not anymore; when you are a client of the Tammy Sells The ATL team you will have your own Comcast concierge who will handle your disconnection, your services at your new home AND give you phenomenal pricing as well. Our clients RAVE about this and we have had nothing but love for providing this unique experience for them. 
  • Professional photos and drone shots
  • Staging help and advice
  • Exceptional marketing and promotion
  • Social media exposure
  • Facebook ads targeted to your buyer’s demographic match
  • Property stories, videos, virtual tours and ads
  • Website and tracking capabilities
  • Comps, values and market updates
  • Contract to close personal assistant
  • Property books for buyers and agents
  • Pre qualification of your buyers
  • Our closing attorney
  • Communication, communication and communication

Make your home stand out with the Tammy Sells The ATL Team

Today's technology makes it easier than ever for consumers to view any listing on the market. As agents, we can enter a home into the MLS, click a button, and watch it automatically appear on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com or any other syndicated site. Unfortunately, that can also make it harder for buyers to distinguish one listing from another;  after a certain point they all tend to look the same.

The Tammy Sells The ATL team demands that our listings stand out from the crowd and we never stop pushing to get them out there. One thing we know for sure, buyers LOVE looking at great pictures of homes.....and lots of them!

Every listing we take receives professional photography; that's been a standard of ours for years. We use these photos EVERYWHERE; social media marketing, this website, the MLS services and even in our aggressive direct mail campaigns. 

We employ our own photographer who knows how picky we are to make sure our listings have every advantage over the competition and are shown in the best light.

Property Stories

Your home is special, so the way it's presented should reflect that. There is our way and a wrong way to describe a property:

#WrongWay: You don't have a "4BD 2.5BA w/lrg yard". 👎🏼

#OurWay: Your Property has "4 Large Bedrooms - Over 1/4 Acre Lot - Pool & Spa - Perfect for Entertaining!".

Your kitchen has "Modern Designed - Gourmet Kitchen - Perfect for Large Gatherings".

When guests step into your home, they notice the "highly upgraded flooring and fixtures including wood floors, superior grade stainless steel appliances and gorgeous vaulted ceilings".

If buyers hear your home's story, they'll fall in love with it too so we make sure to tell them that story. And we'll make sure they know what makes your home so special. 

Facebook marketing

Now that we've created your amazing property story, how do we get buyers to our website to see it? We employ a few different strategies, but chief among them is Facebook ads. 

Over a period of just six months, our Facebook ads were seen over 100,000 times. We understand people don't go to Facebook to buy a home. But we know the people who are buying homes are on Facebook.

More than once, we've heard stories like: "We weren't looking to buy a home, but we saw your listing on Facebook and realized we had to have it.”

Come join the fun and give us a Like.

Snail Mail

Most real estate agents, if they do any marketing, decide to do EITHER "print OR "online" as their ONLY investment in selling your home. We leave no stone unturned. In addition to our aggressive online and social marketing, we invest our own money to create a complete print marketing kit for EVERY home we list. What is included?

  • Postcards - Sent to potential buyers. “Pick Your New Neighbor” works the best as someone in your subdivision knows someone who would like to live there. We have these delivered straight to their mailbox.

  • Thank you emails - Sent to every agent that shows your home. In return, it is set up from them to email us their feedback and the feedback of their client so that you can see what they thought about the home and how it showed. 

  • In home property book - For open houses and showings. 

  • A team member exclusively dedicated to marketing your listing to every site out there quickly, correctly and making it sure it looks the best it can before going ‘live”.

But what you really want to know is: Does it make a difference?

You betcha. 

  • Over 250 home buyers each week click through to our website onto directly advertised listings. 

  • Our Featured Facebook Listings give our sellers a huge advantage and more exposure than just listing it in the MLS. We can also see who clicks through, how long they stay on your page and get their contact information as well. 

  • That's why: 

  • More than half of our listings sold within the first 14 days.

  • 95% half of them sold at, or above, list price.

Not to mention that we set a few neighborhood sales records along the way. 

No one will outwork us, out hustle us or will spend more advertising dollars to get your home sold quickly and for top price then us.