I frequently hear people say, “I don’t want to move during the winter.  It is cold, and the holidays, and” blah, blah, blah.

Summer is the most popular time to move for a number of reasons.  Because winter is a slower time for people moving, it is also a slower time for movers, repair people, service professionals, basically everyone in the real estate industry. According to some local moving companies, a winter move can save on a moving bill as much as twenty percent.  Additionally, they say they are much more flexible for scheduling a move in the winter.  This is especially important in Georgia where closing dates are often changed due to one reason or another. Some other tips from local movers related to a winter move are to 

1. Make sure utilities are on in both homes

 2. Don’t pack up all your winter clothes

 3. Double wrap any fragile items since items like to break a bit easier when cold 

4. Have old towels near entries at both homes in case there is rain or snow.

Finally, buyer demand is lower in the winter months, which can allow for greater choice and less competition when looking for your new home. As always, the attorneys at Ganek PC are available to answer your questions on this and other legal matters related to real property.