Hi there! Glad you’ve decided to visit the blog and I promise to keep it entertaining, educational, informative and relatively clean. It’s designed to detail our progress on a charming old home we just purchased off the Marietta Square but it’s also to help you, dear reader. Maybe you’re like us, someone who loves the old homes and would love to make one yours but you’re a little daunted by the sheer thought of all that work. Maybe you have no idea where to start and who to use; you’ll certainly get the names of great contractors from reading these posts. You may have a home you love now but it just needs fixing  up and you’re looking for ideas. Or maybe you’re toying with flipping and renovation and just want to learn more. And there is always the possibility that you’re looking for an awesome house and an awesome Realtor and I can assure you that you have stumbled into the right blog to find that. Feel free to contact me and especially so if you looking to buy, sell or flip. But enough of the shameless plug.

For starters, let's just go with the basics and each post will detail the work, before and after, who did what, why we did what we did and a cost estimation in case you, too, have dreamed of undertaking something like we are doing now. And I’m sure a post will come up in the not too distant future where we discuss the pros and cons of having someone who knows what they’re doing do the work and you paying for it or you trying to save a few bucks and doing it yourself...and all that decision entails. 

First, an introduction-I’m Tammy and that’s my better half, Dave, the day we closed on the house, a 1971 rambling ranch/cape Cod thing with fabulous bones but in need of great love. Both of us are Realtors and although we adore the house we are in now, we needed to move closer to the city. (Currently we are in Dallas, just a bit over in Paulding county). Dave and I may look over the hill, and often feel over the hill, but we are pretty active; we are always going into Atlanta for dinner, plays, ball games or whatever else attracts and that drive from Paulding to jump onto 75….well, it ain’t fun. So we knew we had to get somewhere closer in and still be in our “selling zone” of Cobb and Paulding counties plus be near our church which is in Hiram.  We love the Marietta Square, all the shops and restaurants it has to offer, the easy access to 75, plus it’s near to our office. So being Realtors, we decided to peruse what was available out there and see if something caught our eye…..and it did…...this beauty below.

So, this is the house as it was when we bought it…..it had 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, was on a basement, almost an acre lot already fenced (our four neurotic dogs need the fence) and...the best part (for me anyway) is that is has an in ground, 45,000 gallon salt water pool! (We will probably starve to death now with us having a pool because although I LOVE what I do, I also LOVE to lay in the sun). 

It also had a kitchen, sunroom, dining room, den, living room, a large finished room in the basement and a workshop area down there also.

But we’re changing all that.  Slowly but surely. We are taking the bones of this house, inside and out, and putting our own stamp on it.

Join us and let us know your thoughts. Ask us questions or give us advice. Tell us what you think about the before and after pictures. You can contact me via email at [email protected]  or Dave at [email protected]. We'd love to hear what you have to say and we can’t wait for you to see it as it progresses. 

Stay tuned and check back….the next post will show the pictures of the day we bought it inside and out and how it looked just a few days later when our team of demo experts got there.  And we can’t wait to tell you about our wonderful contractor and kitchen guy in the next post and their incredible vision to help us make this home our own. 

See you soon…..