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Sandra and Gina Bell

Sandra and Gina Bell

Contract to Close Coordinators

Having been in the real estate business for over 20 years, Sandra and Gina Bell each provide real estate agents and their teams with unparalleled administrative assistance through their company, Office Solutions 4 U.  Both Sandra and Gina achieved the NAR certified Real Estate Professional Assistant (REPA) designation allowing them an additional level of knowledge and expertise plus Gina has been a licensed realtor since 2013.

Sandra and Gina will use their talents, experience and professionalism to provide their clients with a high level of quality collaboration in order to meet their client’s goals and objectives.  Through their company, Sandra or Gina will partner with an individual agent, or a team of agents, allowing them to display the qualities they believe are the utmost priority when running a business; determined, driven and dependable along with the everlasting Golden Rule,  Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do unto You (Matt 7:12). Their objective is to provide strategic and innovative solutions for every client.

By providing the Tammy Sells the ATL team with closing coordination for their contracts, they are able to allow the team to focus on what they do best, working with sellers and buyers to make the transition to their next opportunity.